October 19, 2016


The more I think about it, the less I want to do a full series review of Romero's Dead films. At least now during October. I have far too much to say and seeing how each film is just a variation on a handful of common themes, it wouldn't quite work to discuss them one at a time. There would be a lot of redundant text. So what I'm going to do is put that task on hold until November/December when I have the time to write something a bit less rushed (and a whole lot longer) than just simple daily reviews. I'll discuss them as a singular body of work, rather than individual films (though I'll be sure to give each film its due care and attention).

So now I have seven days to fill. I'll still be kicking off next week with a review of Romero's SEASON OF THE WITCH and ending the whole shebang with a review of MARTIN (mostly because I'm dying to watch it again), but the meat in that Romero sandwich will be seven films chosen at random from my omnipresent "to watch" pile. So this is what next week will look like:

Oct. 23 - SEASON OF THE WITCH (aka HUNGRY WIVES) (George Romero, 1972)
Oct. 24 - THIS NIGHT I'LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE (Jose Mojica Marins, 1967)

Oct. 25 - THE CHILLING (Deland Nuse, Jack Sunseri, 1989)
Oct. 26 - QUEENS OF EVIL (Tonino Cervi, 1970)
Oct. 27 - THE SILENT SCREAM (Denny Harris, 1979)
Oct. 28 - SATAN'S BLADE (L. Scott Castillo, Jr., 1984)
Oct. 29 - MUMSY, NANNY, SONNY & GIRLY (Freddie Francis, 1970)
Oct. 30 - PHANTASM (Don Coscarelli, 1979)
Oct. 31 - MARTIN (George Romero, 1977)

But for now, it's back to Hammer films.

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