October 1, 2014


Well, it's October again and that can only mean one thing; it's time for the 31 Days of Horror Blog-a-thon. This is something I've done for the past three years. A new horror movie review every day from today until the end of October. I tried last year to keep to titles readily available and I'll probably continue that trend. The first week will be randomly selected films from my To Watch pile and the second week will be devoted to that staple of the horror/sci-fi genre, the Alien Invasion flick.

To keep things a bit more interesting, I'll be re-posting last year's reviews over at the Films That Witness Madness Review Depository. There have been a few years where I've missed a day or two but this year I plan on doing things right. No missed days, no pathetic one paragraph reviews and no missed deadlines. I'm doing it right this year, folks. So check back through out the day for the first review and maybe even check out last year's review. I'll probably drop off a few treats for you along the way too, like video game reviews and maybe a book review or two. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Let's celebrate it together.

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